Web Design and Web Development Services – What’s the Difference?

Individuals and businesses are often found using the two terms—“web design” and “web development”—interchangeably, approaching web professionals with a mixed set of requirements when trying to set up a website of their own.

A web design service gets asked to develop a website and a web development service, as such, gets consulted over the task to design a website.

When, in fact, both terms have different meanings, and both the services deal with two different aspects of setting up a website.

If you too have been thinking about starting your own website, it’s important that you know the difference between what the two types of services have to offer. It would help you in your search and also ensure that you don’t overpay for hired services.

What is Web Designing?

Consider the example of the website you are currently on, reading this article.

The website’s background, layout, static illustrations that you see; they’ve all been designed by a web designer. The web designer would have used a designing software for this purpose, such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP etc.

However, it’s important to note, that the design created by a web designer for this website was initially not interactive. It was just a static design—a simple graphic. You could not click on it—you could not interact with it.

One might ask: Why approach a web designer to create a design for a website; why not instead opt for any conventional graphic designer?

Because website designing is different to conventional graphic designing. The designer has to design the layout of a website in such a way that it improves user experience.

How does the design created by the web designer then get transformed into a fully functional and interactive website?

This is where a web development service comes in.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the deployment of programming skills to make a website design functional and interactive.

A web developer takes a design and converts it into a code for the computer servers to read and interpret it. These codes carry description of the basic functions that are to be embedded within a website, and as well as advanced functionalities such as an integrated shopping cart found on ecommerce websites.

A web developer makes use of the knowledge of HTML and other advanced programming scripts such as PHP, to successfully transform a non-functional web design into an interactive website.

To Summarise

If you are planning to set your own website—from scratch—you will first approach a web designer to create visuals and layout for your website. Once the web designer provides you with a design, you will then take it to a web developer to convert it into a functional website.

Too much of switching hassle?

123connect can help. The company provides web design and web development services in Essex, under one roof. Offering an affordable package and a quick turnaround time – customers can call at 0333 1214 123 or drop an email at info@123connect.co.uk, for more information.

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