5 Web Design Types You Can Choose From

By now, every website designer must be wondering what will define design in 2017.

Every year, new styles, designs and elements surface.

However, due to the sheer amount of options that people have available, it can be quite challenging understanding the intricate details of the latest market trends.

The design type people choose for their websites is an exceptionally versatile tool that helps create an effective website design.

This is exactly why it is important that every website designer incorporates the latest digital trends in order to create an interactive website that produces results. To make life easier for designers, given below are the top five web designs types you can choose from.


1. Minimalist Web Design

This is one of the most popular website design types that creates an eye catching website. This design type includes erasing different distractions and reducing aspects to its simplest state. Back to simplicity that is the general theme of this web design and is perfect for people who want to display their work in a distinctive manner.

2. Single Page Web design

Single page web designs have been around for decades now but still have something to offer in this digital era that we live in.

It is arguably the most practical and subtle design as it displays different information on a single page. However, in order to make an effective single page web design, it is imperative that every designer focuses on the layout, content and purpose of the design.

3. Flat Web Design

The flagship theme of Microsoft products has incorporated the flat web design, which reiterates just how popular this theme has become. This design type has a different style which allows users to create a separation between technology and different objects. Designers can use this to display a massive amount of information in a systematic and interactive manner.

4. Interactive web design

Designers who want to showcase their information and work in an illustrative manner should choose this web design as it the most creative web design currently dominating the industry. This design type has the capacity of bringing the page to life, without compromising on the content.

5. Typography Web Design

Typography is one of the most effective ways of telling a story; however, the creativity levels of this layout is quite limited. However, designers will have a substantial array of choices when it comes to determining the fonts for this layout design.


Finally, choosing the web design is definitely one of the core components of an effective web design, however there are many different aspects which contribute to the success of the website.

Most web design services have instilled these designs in their work to help many businesses take their social footprint to a whole different level. Consider calling to contact 123connect at 07958 666054 in order learn more about quality website designs.

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