What Is A Responsive Website and Why Your Business Needs One

In this “portable technology centric” world, you either go big or go home.

Almost every brand is looking for a mobile design for their website.

One design for smartphones, another for Kindle, and another for tablets—all features should be compatible.

In the next decade, we will have even more device specific requirements to keep up with—will the madness ever stop? Not really.

We are now at a point where it is not possible for each website to have a specific version of its web design to appropriately display on each device. It would be highly impractical. So what do we do? Do we face the consequences and lose our customers, or do we have an alternative at hand?

The Answer Is Responsive Web Design!

A responsive web design is one that responds to the website user’s environment, based on the screen size, orientation and platform as well as their behaviour with the website.

The approach consists of using a blend of layouts and visuals to accommodate design according to the device being used. As users continue to shift through from their phones to their laptops and to tablet PCs, the web design automatically modifies image size, resolution and scripting abilities to facilitate smooth display. This complete eliminates the need for a specific design for each device.

Why Your Business Website Design Should Be Responsive

The answer is simple; viewers are no longer solely viewing your website through their desktop PCs.

They are on the go most of the time and majority of them now prefer switching between mobile devices to browse the internet. Here are a few more reasons why you need to have a responsive webs design:

  • Mobile Usage Is Constantly Increasing– It is no surprise that the number of mobile users has been constantly increasing in the past few years. More users are now shifting towards browsing websites through their phones rather than laptops or desktops PCs. This means that your website will be viewed across thousands of different kinds of devices every day. Having a responsive web design will ensure that it displays perfectly on each device.
  • User Experience Is Growing In Importance– Google’s Think Insightsconstantly emphasizes on user experience, particularly on smartphone and tabs. In fact, if users don’t see what they expect, there is a 71% they would immediately move to an alternate website. If they have a good experience on the mobile website, they are 59% more likely to actually purchase something from you.
  • SEO Favours Responsive Web Designs– According to Google’s Page Speed Developers, websites that load in under a second and entire pages that load in under two seconds are highly preferred by SEO algorithms. This might not be possible when loading a desktop website on a mobile device, plus you will see many users abandoning your website if it takes too long to load. A responsive web design can help tackle all these problems.

Apart from all these reasons, the most important is that a responsive web design adjusts to all sorts of devices with ease, making up for a rewarding user experience.

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